How to Keep Yourself Safe at Night

In these frightening times, it is important to protect yourself, particularly in the hours of darkness. For women, it is much more risky out there. A little over confidence or a venture alone in the dark can result in you becoming the victim of someone’s desperation.

There are many bad things that have a higher probability of happening in night such as, brokerage into homes, stealing of cars, emergency electricity breakdown, sexual assault and many others.

To protect yourself at night, all you need is to be prepared at all times, and remember to never waver in your confidence.


  • 1

    Don’t hang out alone in isolated places

    Whether it’s the day or night, do not tread into isolated places all by yourself. Yeah they are many security cameras to protect you in public places, but when you are alone, you are as good as a prey. If for any reason you have to travel alone in a deserted and isolated space, bring a ginger or mace spray to help protect against the assaulters.

  • 2

    Route changes

    Most proclaimed offenders admit tracking their victims for weeks before making the move. So change routes regularly to break your patterns.

  • 3

    Don’t spend time in the parking lot

    Parking lots are lonesome particularly at night. Just head to your car, fire up the ignition and drive. This is very important if you have to travel late in the night.

  • 4

    Be vigilant

    You should always be vigilant and should know how to identify suspicions patterns. If a car follows you daily from your workplace to your home, something is definitely not right. Whenever in doubt, change your route and speed away.

  • 5

    Train yourself

    Learn how to use at least one weapon, and carry it with you at all times. However, the weapon should be licensed and you should have the permission to use it.

  • 6

    Buy an alarm system

    Purchase a top notch security system for your home or apartment. Change the pass codes regularly and observe the camera feed every other day to detect any suspicious activity nearby your home. This is very important if you live alone, as people living alone are the most common victims of break ins and burglaries.

  • 7

    Do not hitch hike

    You should not walk back to home at night, particularly if you are alone. If you cannot afford a car or taxi, request someone to walk with you to home.

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