Top 10 Ways to Control Pollution

Environmental pollution is reaching such extremes in the world that man seems determined to destroy the living environment. But while other countries are taking serious measures to prevent and control pollution, other states are taking only isolated actions.

Environmental pollution is increasing day by day. Not only because of oil spills or other disasters that newspapers daily report but much of this deterioration originates by our negligence and ignorance. We all contribute to the pollution and there are we can help raise awareness.


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    Avoid Chlorine:

    Many household products such as detergents, insecticides or cleaning products contain rich chlorine and are thus chemical pollutant.

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    The more processed paper used (colour, drawings, weight, etc.) makes it difficult to recycle.

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    Avoid PVC production:

    The PVC present in many consumer products can be replaced.

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    Decrease vehicle usage:

    If every motorist decreases the use of vehicle by 5% annually, the amount of toxic gases out of the atmosphere will certainly fall. By reducing pollution from vehicles and power plants, we can immediately generalize the use of existing technologies for power generators. People can contribute to opt for public transport to get to their jobs and back home without using private cars.

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    The high temperature in homes promotes global warming. Therefore, to the extent that is possible, try to diminish the degree centigrade temperature aid.

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    Each household often follows the path of pollution. So separate everything what is recyclable.

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    Save water:

    Pure water is as good as gold. So it is good to use for filtering or purifying devices. Economize the use of the liquid element.

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    State measures:

    The State must worry about the problem of pollution by giving severe laws, monitoring compliance and sanctioning transgressors. The environmental problem is a problem that affects the common good and quality of life, and therefore, cannot be left to the free will of the people. The common good is a state responsibility as a representative of the welfare of all citizens.

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    Citizens duty:

    Citizens must become more aware of the problem and demand respect for the environment and not contribute to its deterioration. The contribution of individual citizens, can be very large in some respects: · Do not throw trash and debris on the streets or anywhere. · Avoid noises; both at the neighbourhood level (open exhausts, horns, music strong) as domestically.

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    Teachers need to play their role:

    The teachers have a very high participation to educate future generations towards environmental responsibility and help the awareness of pollution damage.

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