How to Rent Out Your House for the Breeders Cup

New Jersey becomes the heart of horseracing in late October each year, when it hosts the biggest event of the sport, Breeders Cup. Trainers and owners from all across the globe come to the venue with their super fit animals, aiming to grab million of dollars that this meeting offers.

Hotel rooms are sold out even months before the contest, because the number of visitors is uncountable. If you own a house in New Jersey, the Breeders Cup is probably the best time to rent it out. You may get a handsome amount of money within a few days.


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    First of all, you need to go for an advertisement in the newspapers. Select only those papers that are popular among the horseracing fraternity. If you have chose the right medium for advertisement, there are chances that a lot of horseracing lovers would contact you. Classified ads could also help your cause.

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    Make sure you acquire all the important information about your tenants. You must have the tenant’s permanent address, employment address, phone numbers, driver’s license number, and license plate number. Also try to get his/her credit card number. It is always better to ask the tenant to deposit some security money, because he/she may damage your house even within a few hours.

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    You should complete the renting procedure well before the Breeders Cup. Setting up the house in advance is also very important. Remove all the valuables, such as computers, electronics, money and jewellery and lock all the expensive equipment in one safe room. Don’t forget to clear the refrigerator, because the tenants won’t hesitate to eat all the available food items.

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    Another key thing is to set an age limit on your renters. Since the teenagers and youngster could do more damage, you shouldn’t prefer any tenant under 30 or 35.

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    Deducting a cleaning fee from the deposit isn’t a bad move either. Once the tenants are gone, you will have to do a lot of laundry. These terms, however, should be settled before renting out the house.

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    Register yourself with the Chamber of Commerce and a Bed and Breakfast Association. If these associations have an overflow of guests, they will refer the extra ones to you.

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    Contact any trusted rental agency. Although such rental agents take some commission, this activity reduces the landlord’s pain to a great deal.

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