How to Choose Rug Pads

When choosing carpeting for your office or home, you want a carpet that will last for many years, not wrinkle and stay in place. However, to avoid unnecessary wear on the carpet, you should consider using the proper pad. Using a rug pad not only protects your carpet from unwanted wear but also adds comfort to it. It is recommended to do you research before choosing a rug pad so you carpet stays in good condition over for a long period of time. Avoid buying bright coloured rug pads as they can be very distracting.


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    You should consider choosing the padding for non slip performance. For those who want to place the rug on a wooden floor, they will need something to prevent the pad from slipping. If you have a wooden floor in your office or house, consider getting non skid padding as it is likely to suit your needs.

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    A good rug padding should be comfortable in addition to being non slippery. The finest carpet pads are usually very thick and they add more comfort to the carpeted area. However, they are likely to be more expensive. You should choose the one that suits your budget. When walking on a thick carpet pad, it feels like you are walking on a cloud.

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    It is advised to select the padding for a location it is supposed to be used. Consider buying a waffle pad if you want outdoor rug padding. Waffle padding is thin as compared to other types of rug pads. Therefore, it should not be used indoors as the heavy foot traffic can wear it down very quickly.

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    If you are looking to prevent wrinkles on the carpeting, consider getting an all surface padding, which will take care of the wrinkles and add more cushion and comfort. Although this type of padding is not as comfortable as the thick padding but it does hold up under heavy foot traffic.

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    It is recommended to choose the padding by price. Outdoor padding could be bought for a very reasonable price. Other cushioning pads are usually more expensive and they can cost up to $15 a meter. You should always consider your budget before purchasing the pad as it will help you keep the rug in a good condition for many years.

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