How to Stage a Home for Sale

As economic trouble is the norm in this day and age, it is getting harder to sell one’s home. Getting the right price is an even more challenging. Still people need to sell their home for various reasons and the way to go about it is to present it in an appealing manner.

Staging your home for sale is not the most difficult of tasks but demands great attention to detail. If you are willing to take the pain, you should be able to showcase your home well and boost the chances of getting a better price. Do keep in mind that research has shown that an average buyer takes the first 30 seconds to make his or her mind whether or not to buy the house.


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    The Entrance

    Along with the rest of the house, there is a great need to have a spic and span entrance. It should be clean and there should not be any kind of damage either on the inside or the outside. It will be the first impression that counts for everything when a person is buying a house.

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    Get Rid of Clutter

    Often there is clutter in certain areas of the house. As you prepare the house for showcasing, it must go. Ideally give it to someone who can use it and trash whatever is not useful. It will give a big feel to your house and a pleasant look.

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    There are many small issues that need to be repaired. If you are going to showcase your house, its time you get these issues addressed and corrected. This will add to the appeal of your house and will add to its chances of selling for a better price. Make sure that areas that need to be painted are done properly.

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    The Kitchen

    Get it cleaned and have everything in order. Many people judge the condition of the house by looking at its kitchen. If it looks good, people tend to have a favourable view of the house.

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    The Washrooms

    Get them to look as good as new. This can be done by cleaning them properly and making sure that all repairs are done. Remember it is also considered as a yardstick for the state of the house due to its greater use. Also, try not to have too many bathroom products on the shelf since they give a cramped look.

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    Final Touches

    Add a light fragrance to the house to make everything smell better. Try to open the curtains and windows so that plenty of natural light enters your house.

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