How to Remember Your Dreams

Some people claim they do not dream, but the fact is that 25% of the time all human beings spend sleeping is also spent dreaming. While they are mysterious and intriguing, and serve as fodder for discussion and private contemplation, dreams start slipping away from memory the moment the brain enters the waking state. If you are looking to remember your dreams, but can’t seem to hold on to them when you wake up, try a couple of techniques which should help you remember.

Things Required:

– Journal
– Pen
– Cassette tape recorder
– Herbal tea
– Bubble bath
– Zen meditation music


  • 1

    The key to remembering is to maintain a relaxed and open mental state – this will not only help you dream more vividly, but also aid you in recalling your dreams more easily. Before you go to bed, soak in a relaxing bubble bath with a cup of herbal tea, and play some soothing CDs or Zen meditation music. Do not resort to alcohol for relaxation purposes – this tends to reduce REM sleep time, during which most dreams occur – but taking vitamin B-6 (50-200mg) half an hour before you go to bed can lead to exceptionally vivid dreams.

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    Once you are in a relaxed and composed frame of mind, reflect on all the important things on your mind, and anything significant that might have happened recently. You can write all this down in your journal for added effect, in addition to jotting down any subjects you have a conscious desire to dream about.

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    As you get into bed, keep the desired dream subjects in your mind – however, do not focus too intensely, just allow them to float around gently at the back of your mind. Making too much of an effort to concentrate will keep you from drifting off to sleep.

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    When you are in bed, and the lights are switched off, build up a spirit of intent in your mind – tell yourself (out loud, or in your mind) “I will remember my dream”. Repeat this several times as you slowly drift off to sleep, making yourself aware of the fact that you intend to remember your dream.

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    Do not set yourself an alarm, or use any other methods which might cause you to jolt awake suddenly and abruptly. Rather, wake up naturally, and do not rush to get out of bed. Stay under the covers and cast your mind back to try and remember the dream – do not get up until you have managed to recall it.

  • 6

    Continue to stay in bed, and use the pen and journal, or the cassette tape recorder, to record your dream. These items should be placed on your bedside table so you can access them easily without having to get up. Keep a record of your dreams, and go over them whenever you feel like it.

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