Top 10 Women Summer Essentials

With summer just around the corner, it is time to get ready to beat the blazing sun. Besides its beautiful, natural and breathtaking colors, summer can negatively affect your skin. Women’s skin texture is sensitive as compared to men, and, therefore, is the main victim of the harmful ultra violet rays of sun and the sweltering heat.

Your well equipped bag, containing all the summer essentials, can very useful in this regard. Keeping your situation mind, we have compiled the top ten women summer essentials. Make sure not to step out of home without them.


  • 1

    Comfortable Clothes

    The most essential thing to be kept in mind during summers is your dressing. Thick, synthetic, skin tight, and dark colored clothes can make your condition worse, attracting UV rays. In the soaring heat of the summer, to be comfortable, women should try wearing lightweight, cotton and breathable clothing. These types of stuff will keep you air-conditioned naturally.

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    Relaxed Footwear

    Feet start to sweat inside closed footwear during summer, which tend to make them itching and smelly. To avoid this situation, wear the trendy flip flops. They are comfortable, airy and fashionable. Besides comfort, summer flip flops nicely match various types of clothing.

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  • 3

    Hair Serum

    Protect your hair from the damaging ultraviolet rays as they not destroy their natural shine but can make them look dull, dry and frizzy. Thus apply hair serum prior to going out of home as they are best option to look after your hairs in summers. They form a protective layer and protect your hair throughout the day. Moreover, the hair serums provide a shine to your hair.

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    If you cannot apply hair serum, then use a big round hat like beach hat to cover your entire head. Beach hat not only covers you head but your face as well. Put a wet cloth or towel under your hat to get a relaxing and soothing effect. Make sure that your hat is made up of good quality cotton fabric.

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  • 5


    It is another superb choice to block the ultraviolet rays and protect your skin from tanning. Carry a big umbrella so that it could cover your head, neck and shoulders properly and protect you completely from sunlight.

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  • 6


    As you know eyes are the most susceptible part of our body. They require extra care and attention. Ultraviolet rays are not good for your eyes at all. They cause macular degeneration in your eyes and damage the sensitive skin around them. Wear glasses to reduce eye strains and wrinkles during the bright summer days.

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  • 7

    Water Bottle

    All of us are well aware of the importance and health benefits of water intake in our life. Since in summers our body excretes a lot of water as a result of sweating, it is must for every woman to keep her body hydrated by drinking plenty of water every day.  Make sure to carry a handy bottle of cold and clean drinking water wherever you go.

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  • 8

    Sunscreen Lotion

    The ultraviolet rays damage skin, giving birth to dryness and unwanted wrinkles. Always apply proper amount of sunscreen lotion to the exposed parts of your body, especially face, arms and hands.

    Always buy a sunscreen lotion with proper ratio of SPF.

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  • 9


    Summer is time to sweat.  Your entire body becomes sweaty and stinky due to excessive sweating during the hot days of summer.  The icky odor as a result of sweating can make your condition intolerable. Apply some good quality deodorant to your armpits, feet and other parts of the body.

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  • 10

    Face Wipes

    Face wipes are the most excellent skin care product to cleanse your face, neck and hands in the summer heat. They are hygienic substitutes for the traditional tissue papers and handkerchiefs. In addition to that, some of the face wipes leave a pleasurable odor behind and reduce signs of ageing as well.

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