How to Talk to a Housing Counselor to Prevent Foreclosure

In a troubled housing market, a housing counselor may be your last resort to prevent foreclosure. It is important that you take additional help as soon as you fear for the worst as exploring options at the last moment may not entirely work. For best guidance, it is advisable to look for agencies which are managed by the government. Essentially, it will be the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which will handle all cases, and work with other authorities such as the Homeownership Preservation Foundation (HOPE) to assist individuals with foreclosure prevention techniques.


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    HUD housing counselors are experienced professionals and will advise you on all home related concerns, including maintaining and protecting your credit history. They will essentially explain how to manage a budget in order to meet monthly payments, and can also talk to the mortgage lender on your behalf. However, at this moment, you are already facing a possible foreclosure, in which case you will need the housing counselor to assist you regarding your current situation. He will assess your circumstances and identify all possible options which may help convince your lender.

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    You can find a HUD counselor through the website, or in the phonebook directory. Other agencies which offer nationwide services include Consumer Credit Counselling Service and NeigborWorks. Moreover, you can also call the HOPE hotline at 888-995.

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    However, before calling your housing counselor, it is important that you gather all relevant documents which will determine that you indeed need help. This will include all financial information on your loan, which will include your mortgage statements, monthly payments, along with all your income details. Also you may be required to gather information on other debts you incur such as car loans, student loans, etc.

    Moreover, you will be required to explain the reasons of the current hardship, and whether the problem is a long term or a short term one.

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    Now make a call and explain the situation to the counselor. Make sure the information you have provided is accurate as the counselor will only be able to help you out, if he or she has a better understanding of all the facts. Depending on the circumstances, the counselor will then build your case and will try to reach an agreement with the mortgage lender.

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