How to Hurricane-Proof Your Home

Hurricanes are one of nature’s most devastating forces. Hurricane winds have the power to literally uproot an entire structure from its foundations. Care must be exercised if you are living in an area that experiences a large number of hurricanes throughout the year. Furthermore, you will need to take care of a few things in order to hurricane-proof your home.

Things Required:

– Impact-resistant glass
– Construction fastening system
– Sump pump system
– Standby generator
– Basic supplies (food, water, candles etc.)


  • 1

    Keep doors and windows protected

    Protect doors and windows of your house with impact-resistant glass. This will ensure that objects that get hurled due to hurricane-force winds do not get blown into your house.

  • 2

    Keep your landscape free of debris

    Loose objects around your home such as patio furniture and dead branches get blown around. It is important to get rid of such objects well before a hurricane starts.

  • 3

    Design for uplift

    Depending on the area in which your house is built, use a correct construction fastening system. Tie-downs, lateral anchors and embedded connectors are possible means of preventing your house from being pulled apart.

  • 4

    Mind the garage door

    If the garage door of your house is not designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, have it braced properly to make your house hurricane-proof.

  • 5

    Let the water flow

    Another important thing you will want to ensure is before a hurricane approaches is that nothing is blocking the gutters and downspouts in your house.

  • 6

    Take a "belt and suspenders" approach

    Get a sump pump system backed with emergency power installed in your house. This will ensure that the basement of your house and crawl space stays dry during a hurricane, even if the event of a power outage.

  • 7

    Keep the power on

    Power outage is a common sight during hurricanes. To ensure that essentials in your home get the required power, purchase a standby generator and get it installed in your house.

  • 8

    Keep basic supplies on hand

    At least a three day stock of candles, batteries, potable water, food and other basic supplies should be kept on hand.

  • 9

    Keep the lines open

    Cellular phones often do not work in a hurricane due to bad reception. For this reason, keeping your land-line phone working would be a good idea so that you will be at liberty to call relatives and friends  if required.

  • 10

    Keep your head above water

    Modern coastal area homes are raised above ground level when they are built. Ensure that the house you are living in does not, in any way, come in the path of a storm surge.

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