How to Make Your Luggage Easy To Identify

Picking up the wrong luggage and confusing it with other passengers is a norm for many travellers. Luggage bags all seem so similar at airport terminals and bus stands that it becomes hard to differentiate one’s own luggage from the heaps out there.

Making the luggage easily identifiable through various ways can help prevent all this and make travelling and luggage sorting a lot easier. There are some very effective methods which should be given a go.


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    Mark your last name :

    A simple sticker that has the initials or the last name of the owner can make luggage identification a much easier job. This also establishes clear ownership in case of confusion and dispute.

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    Coloured ribbons :

    Pick out few bright coloured ribbons and tie them to the strap of your luggage bag. The colours should be bright and vibrant. Using multi coloured ribbons will make sure that the luggage stands out from the rest and is easily picked out.

    Colors like red, yellow and orange stand out well. However, make sure that the ribbons are fastly secured and do not fall off during travel. Wrapping a luggage strap around the suitcase or bag can also fulfill the same function and provide extra security in case the zipper breaks open.

  • 3

    Duct tape :

    One of the easiest ways to make a luggage stand out is to use duct tape of several colors to cover it. The duct tape fulfills the same function as the ribbons and can be easily replaced when worn out.

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    Get unique luggage bags :

    Brown, black and dark blue luggage colors are very common and it is hard to differentiate between them at first glance. Getting luggage bags and trunks in colours which are unique like purple, red and grey etc. can make the task a lot easier. This is also true for the size and shape; anything that stands out is good.

  • 5

    Print and attach tags :

    Print your name and number on a paper. Laminate it yourself or from a print shop. Now attach it to the bag of your luggage. You can attach it by punching holes in the tag and the luggage bag. Use a ribbon or a shoe string to attach them tightly. This method is particularly helpful in cases of lose and theft. Using coloured paper for the tag also makes identification easier.

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