How to Relieve Boredom in your Cubicle

There are very few people who truly enjoy working, but there is something that is even more difficult to endure than work, boredom. Sitting in the cubicle and having nothing to do can actually be a painful experience. The mind craves for some sort of an exercise, yet you find yourself at a loss of ideas. At times like these, even work begins to look desirable.

You need to stop worrying about relieving boredom in your cubicle, as there are a lot of things that you can do to kill time in your cubicle when you have no pending work.


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    Rearrange items on your desk. You may not have given enough attention to the items lying down on your desk, which would have resulted in a clutter. When you have nothing better to do, utilise the time to organise the items on your desk. Clutter can be an annoying thing to deal with, since you find yourself struggling to locate a certain document or stationary item.

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    Get done with unfinished work. You may have been busy working on a certain project for some time and therefore left a few other commitments unfinished. Now that you are free and getting bored, it would be best to concentrate on completing those things. If you do not have any pending work, you can show a bit of over-efficiency by doing some work in advance. There may be a certain report that you are required to submit at the end of the week or month, but if you have all the necessary data with you and plenty of time to spare, get down to making that report so that you do not have to worry about it later.

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    Play games on the computer or on your cell-phone. There is no better way to kill time than to play games. If you have a computer in your cubicle and its screen is out of your boss’s or supervisor’s sight, you can play the pre-installed games such as Solitaire or Pinball on it. Alternatively, you can play games on your cell-phone. Some really great games have been developed for smartphones running the Android or iOS operating system. You should consider getting them on your phone so that you can successfully kill boredom.

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    Give your loved one or friend a call. If talking on phone is allowed during working hours, you can call up a loved one or friend to discuss things that you did not have time to discuss before, or just gossip.

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    Read something, like a book or newspaper for instance. If you have been finding it difficult to complete a really interesting book, or are interested in politics, entertainment and sports news, you can distract yourself with these activities while getting bored in your cubicle.

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