How to Negotiate for Lower Rent

Have you found the ideal place to live? Is it the unaffordable monthly rent that stopping you from being a tenant? Well, you will have to bring the property-owner to a lower level and that requires some impressive negotiating skills.

You can convince the landlord if you are equipped with the right techniques. Though, it is an uphill task but you can do it with little bit preparation and research before negotiations. Sometimes, there are real estate agents who can help you but you can save money by engaging the other party yourself.


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    Make yourself the ideal choice:

    You must make your potential landlord realise that you are the best available option. No landlord wants extra pain just for the sake of a tenant. All they want is on time payments and maintenance. Let the property-owner know that you are an ideal tenant. You may have to provide some proof to make your case strong. Request your former landlord to testify to your good conduct.

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    Pay the rent in advance:

    If you can afford it then it is undoubtedly the best technique while negotiating for a lower rent. Offer to pay rent of several months in advance and this will give an impression that he/she can trust you. They definitely will cooperate and you will get an ideal place in an affordable budget.

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    Sign a long term agreement:

    Sometimes, landlords show consent to finding the middle ground if you are signing a long term agreement. A longer contract lessens the burden of property-owner and he/she won’t have to look for another tenant after some time. Try to hire a place at least for one year and then persuade the other party for a lower rent. You can win their trust by putting the deal into writing.

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    Do some research before meeting:

    I know it’s obvious but it yields really favourable results. Visit different real estate agents and ask them about the average rent of that specific area. Check for how long the unit has been empty. This will enable you to negotiate effectively. Moreover, you can give an impression that you also have some other options.

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    Let the landlord know your positives:

    They do not know you obviously so let your potential landlord know the positive aspects of this deal. You can assure them that they won’t have to take on the small repairs. Convince them that you will take care of their property.

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