How to Pack a Dopp Kit

A dopp kit can serve as a man’s best friend while travelling. Having everything in one place can be a real lifesaver for many. The kit is a small toilet bag that stores everything you need. The dopp kit is named after a German born American leather craftsman named Charles Doppelt.

Although these kits gained prominence during WW II, they are extremely popular with the most gentlemen. Join those ranks and learn to pack this type of kit for all of your essentials while on the go.


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    The Bag

    First and foremost, you require a bag to serve as your kit. This type of bag can be purchased at most department stores, leather goods stores and cosmetic supplies stores. But what should be kept in mind is that the bag should be compact in size to provide easy mobility, while also having ample space and pockets to store the necessary items. Remember that you will be using this bag while travelling so it should be strong and not too heavy. The bag should also be versatile as you will want many different compartments to store all of your items properly. It is a good idea to get a leather bag as this material is strong and lightweight at the same time. Also, the elegance of leather will add a touch of sophistication to the bag.

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    The Essentials

    The most important items to keep in your kit are as follows:

    - deoderant
    - razor
    - shaving cream
    - travel bottle of shampoo
    - nail clippers
    - toothbrush and toothpaste
    - body wash or soap
    - cologne
    - floss
    - aspirin or Tylenol

    Remember these are just the core items, you can add or subtract different items as you feel are appropriate. It is entirely up to you as to what you will want to keep in your travel bag as everybody has different needs and requirements. Also, the contents depend on where you are travelling to as you might need to add different items for that particular place.

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    Other Suggestions

    The following items are not necessary however they are strongly suggested:

    - comb
    - $20 bill (always important)
    - digestive medication
    - band-aids
    - sewing kit
    - contact lenses and solution (if you need and use contacts)
    - after shave

    These items can be considered as additional depending on where you are heading for your trip. Having everything in one location is very important but it can also be dangerous to keep all your eggs in one basket. That is why it is very important to not let your bag out of your sight while travelling and you should always keep it on you in some capacity or other.

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