Developing a Magnetic Personality

Read the word magnetic people and you will have an image of some people right in front of your eyes. They may be from your inner social circle, work place or random people, but there are some qualities which are uniform in all of them. While it is easy to delineate these people from others, understanding the traits which make them unique and more likeable is an entirely different matter. There are many qualities which differentiate magnetic people to normal people.


  • 1

    They Make You Feel Important

    Everybody likes attention, for it makes us feel special, important and wanted. You are bound to be attracted towards people who keenly listen to what you have to say. They may or may not act upon it, but never shy away from hearing your stories, desires and dreams. When they will engage in a conversation, you will always feel as the person under the spotlight. In short, they will have a sense of inquisitiveness and curiosity about them, which will appeal to your senses.

  • 2

    They Never Whine or Complain

    Imagine the people you like and then try to remember one circumstance when they complained about something. Chances are you will not be able to recollect any such incident or situation. This is one of major characteristic of likeable people, they will never burden you with their worries; instead they will be keener on learning about you and your problems.

  • 3

    They Are Very Kind

    A person cannot become magnetic until he or she is kind by heart. There are people who know and understand what kindness is, and then there are people who will often carry out random acts of kindness. If you want to be someone who immediately attracts other, becomes an epitome of kindness.

  • 4

    They Are Enthusiastic

    Likeable and attractive people are inherent enthusiasts. They don’t entertain a negative thought and are in fact ones, who help others banish negativity from their system. They are the ones who have the ability to motivate people and psych them up.

  • 5

    They Are Authentic

    Magnetic people are never double faced. They don’t pretend to be someone which they are not and are always willing to take responsibility of things which turn awry because of them. They are honest, polite and genuine in their commitments; always being mindful and receptive to the issue of the people around him or her.

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