How to Find Famous People’s Gravesites

We all have our favourite celebrities from the past who are no more. We all wish they were still here and we could have a chance to meet them or see more of their work. The most we can do is to pray for them and lay a floral wreath at their graves.

However, we must know where these people are buried in order to do so. We can find out where they were laid to rest if we are dedicated to the task. It is certainly not impossible and will take some effort and perseverance to be successful.


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    Follow the Papers

    You can look for the newspapers that provided detailed coverage of the deaths of these famous people’s graves. These will have the information when they died and where they were buried. You should be able to find their grave-site with the help of this information.

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    It is not only a tool for research about various topics but it also has information about personalities that may not be very easily available. You can visit the person whose grave you are looking for and see if the information about it has been given. Most famous people have their own pages and details such as birth and death place and where they are buried have been provided.

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    Online Forums

    You can also visit online forums and meet the people online who are enthusiastic about these personalities. You are most likely going to find the answer right away. If you visit a forum with the given personality’s fans, it is going to be even easier.

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    Visit a Graveyard

    If you are not looking for a specific person’s grave and are just looking to find a grave of anyone famous you can visit a large graveyard in your area. You can check with the administration of the cemetery and ask them if someone famous has been buried in there. You are likely going to find more than one famous person buried in that place and can visit their graves.

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    Online Directories

    Directories for just about anything are available nowadays. You can check these directories and find the grave-site of the famous personality or personalities that you are looking for. This should be able to get you to the destination more often than not.

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