How to Hire a Mediator to Resolve Landlord-Tenant Disputes

No matter how much detailed contract has been signed between a landlord and a tenant, there is always a possibility that both the parties will have a dispute on a particular issue. Not to mention, the disputes do not necessarily arouse from any clause of the contact but it can be due to anything. In some cases, the disputes are regarding the maintenance and renovation of the place. Nevertheless, it is always suggested to avoid taking the matter into your own hands and hire a mediator to resolve the landlord-tenant dispute.


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    Find a suitable mediation service

    Taking the issue to a mediation service will be in good interest of both the parties as it not only resolves the matter but also helps both parties in maintaining their relationship. Therefore, you must look for a suitable mediation service. For this, consider searching for ads in the newspaper or do a search on your search engine. You can also look for the mediation services in yellow pages. You can easily find the contact information of all mediation services in the yellow pages.

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    Share your problem

    After you have chosen the mediation service of your choice from a long list, you must contact them and share your problem with them. Do not forget to ask them about their service charges as you do not want to go out of your budget. It is important that you tell your problem to their representative in great detail and honestly.

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    Ask the other party about mediation session

    Now, you must request the other party for a mediation session. It is important that both parties agree to have a mediation session on a particular place, date and time. Do not forget to share this information with the mediation service.

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    Do the talking and also allow the other party to speak

    After the mediation session starts, you must tell your side of the story in great detail. It is of considerable importance that you also allow the other party to speak freely and do not interrupt when they are telling their side of the story.

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    Follow mediator’s advice

    Now, you must follow your mediator’s advice and reach an agreement with the other party to resolve the matter.

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    Written agreement

    It is important that both parties should sign a written agreement to resolve the issue in a formal way.

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