How to Create Holiday Wreaths

Nothing serves as a festive symbol of the Christmas season more than the sight of fragrant holiday wreaths hanging on the doors of houses, studded with bright red berries and pine cones. While many prefer to forego the hassle and just invest in a store-brought wreath, the fragrance and look isn’t the same as a homemade wreath. If you find yourself possessed by a sudden surge of holiday spirit, try your hand at making a wreath yourself, to make the Christmas season even more special.

Things Required:

– Fir tree branches, 12 inches long each
– Coat hanger
– Florist wire
– Pliers
– Red ribbon (satin or velvet)
– Scissors
– Glue
– Pine cones
– Holly


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    Start by using your pliers to bend the coat hanger into a ring – this will form the skeleton of your wreath so adjust the size and diameter according to your wishes. However, do not bend the hook of the coat hanger – this will serve as a handy little hook with which to hang the wreath on your door when it is completed.

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    Next, lay two fresh fir branches on the wire ring (facing the same direction) across the front of your coat hanger ring, and begin the process of securing these to the skeleton. Use florist wire, and wind this around the ends of the branches, to secure them to the coat hanger ring.

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    Once these are secured, lay on two more branches (three inches away from the first two), and repeat the process of securing them to the wire coat hanger ring. Continue repeating this process, and winding the fir branches around the ring in a sweeping, circular fashion, until the entire ring is covered in fresh fir branches. Use the scissors to trim any odd ends and make it more streamlined.

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    Now that you have a basic wreath, it is time to start decorating it with the traditional embellishments. Tie a long, wide red ribbon (roughly 12 inches long) into a big bow, and hot glue this to the top and front of the wreath.

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    Similarly, hot glue pine cones and holly sprigs with clusters of bright red berries over the front of the wreath, to give it splashes of colour. You can also hang on candy canes, small Christmas balls, or any other decorations of your choice. Your holiday wreath is now ready to be hung on your door.

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