How to Fax Sensitive Information

Since the 19th century, fax machines have been around for communication between two parties. Fax remained an extremely popular medium of sharing documents for businesses and between people till the late 20th century, however, with the introduction of internet, email has gradually become the preferred method for exchanging information because it consumes less time and is considered to be a lot more secure in comparison.

However, many people and companies still use fax for communication with clients and by taking into account a few important factors, you can send sensitive information through fax as well. Fax is preferred by some because there is lesser risk of spam through it.


  • 1

    Put the correct fax number

    While sending a fax, you must ensure that you are entering the correct fax number. While sending sensitive information which can be misused by someone, it is highly recommended that you double check the fax number of the receiver.

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    Check the fax machine

    You must check the fax machine before sending any information and ensure that it is in working condition. You may send a test fax to see if the machine is in order.

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    Use your personal fax

    If the information is quite sensitive, you should use your personal fax. Some people have a habit of blindly trusting their secretaries or other subordinates, which can prove detrimental.

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    Contact the recipient before and after sending the information

    Before sending sensitive information via fax, you should contact the recipient and make sure that he or she is ready to receive the information. You should ask the recipient to receive the fax himself/herself and do not allow anyone else to collect the information.

    Similarly, once you have sent the fax, you should immediately call the recipient to make sure that he or she has collected the fax. This communication is extremely important in cases of sensitive information and will help you keep your privacy.

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    Avoid using extreme sensitive information

    You must be cautious before sending a fax and should avoid sending extremely sensitive information like credit card numbers or personal identities. If sharing such information is unavoidable, you should prefer exchanging that on a real document instead of fax or email.

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