How to Open a Sober Living Home

A sober living home is basically a place where people who are trying to recover from drug or alcohol abuse can stay and get some help. The goal is to have other people that are trying to kick their alcohol or drug habits live together in a peaceful place so that they can help each other tackle their addictions and lead healthy lives. It might not be easy but you can also open your own sober living home to help others with their issues. If you are interested in opening a sober living home then there are a few guidelines that you will have to follow to make it successful.


  • 1

    Understand substance abuse:

    Do as much research as you can on substance abuse and what happens to people when they try to kick their bad habits. This will help you be better prepared to tackle any issue which might occur in the future.

  • 2

    Organise and make a plan:

    Organise yourself and make a plan that you can use to put down all the important points that you want to cover. This plan will also help you get potential investors or loans to help start your business. Be sure to cover everything in your plan to ensure you are ready to handle a sober living home.

  • 3

    Know your budget:

    Be sure to identify and understand the actual amount of your budget. Try to stay focused on keeping your costs below your designated budget.

  • 4

    Rent or Purchase:

    Before getting a place, be sure to decide whether you want to rent or purchase the property. Tell the real estate agent your plan and he or she will be able to help you find a suitable place where opening a sober living home is allowed.

  • 5

    Find a place:

    You will need to find some property where you will start your own sober living home. Be sure to check all of the important neighbourhood codes to ensure that you are allowed to start a sober living home in a particular community.

  • 6

    Get necessary permits:

    Check with your local and state government departments to get all of the necessary permits to open your own sober living home. Make sure to read all of the laws and limitations involved with this particular type of venture.

  • 7

    Develop guidelines for residency:

    Make some comprehensive guidelines that you can use to help you maintain residency in your sober living home. Be sure to develop some application guidelines as well to help you select potential residents.

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