How to recycle cardboard

In total there are two types of cardboards which can be recycled. The first ones are the flat cardboard, ones which are usually used in either cereal or shoe boxes. The second are corrugated cardboard. These have a ruffled layer between the two flat pieces of cardboard. Such cardboards are used in packing boxes. Recycling these cardboards is extremely easy and you just need to know where to look. Your local curbside recycling program can provide a lot of help in this case. Make sure that you have one of these two types of cardboards which you need to recycle and then follow these few simple steps in order to get them recycled.


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    For starters, you need to contact your curbside recycling program. This way you will not only get to talk to them about the whole procedure; in fact, you will also get to know whether they are willing to accept the type of cardboard that you want to recycle. There are a few programs which accept corrugated cardboards. On the other hand, there are a few programs which will only recycle flat cardboards. So make a choice and only then go to your curbside recycling program.

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    Once you know that your curbside recycling program is willing to work with the type of cardboard which you have, then start breaking down all the cardboard boxes and make them flat. Once they are flat, start stacking them. At times the recycling program is going to require you to put your cardboards in a brown paper bag. In that case, you will have to crack the cardboard down to such an extent that it can fit inside the brown paper. At times the cardboard mostly gets recycled with the mixed paper.

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    Once you have cut it down, simply take your cardboard to your local supermarket. In case your curbside recycling program isn’t taking in the type of cardboard you have, these supermarkets definitely will.

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    At times the recycling program is only willing to recycle waxed cardboards. Waxed cardboards are the ones which are used in milk and juice cartons. If they do not want to recycle such cardboards, then you will have to call the responsible party and inquire about how you can get such cardboards recycled.

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    Lastly, you need to check with your country’s department of public works in order to find out the local recycling programs and their drop-off points.

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