How to Deal with Shopping Addiction

At times owning things can be extremely difficult. Once you have bought something, you need to keep it, take care of it, get it fixed, remember where you have kept it, maintain it and even keep it clean. At times all these tasks can be extremely demanding and not everyone is willing to perform them. Once you know that you are one of those people who simply can’t perform all the aforementioned tasks, then you need to learn the art of buying nothing. It might get a little tough, but eventually you will find peace once you have the freedom of not buying anything.


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    You need to work with reverse snobbery. You need to start disliking those people who simply start buying things for no apparent reason. Mostly you would see women going out for shopping and buying things which might not be any use to them after a few days. So, make sure that you start hating such people. Why? Once you hate such people, you will start being an everyday buyer yourself.

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    In case you are craving to buy things, then you need to learn how to try things out and then put them back. How does it work? Simply go to different stores which you believe have the best clothes in town. Try a few things and rather than buying them, simply wear them and move around. Once you have enjoyed yourself in those particular clothing, take them off and go back home.

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    You need to start saving up money rather than spending it. This is one of the easiest approaches. Open up a savings account and start directing a percentage of your total money in that account after every month.

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    Become skilled at buying only old things. This is going to help you buy newer things which might cost a lot of money. Moreover, recycling is nothing bad. Start recycling. If you believe you can use it again then use it.

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    Barter was a form of a buying procedure back in the days. You can swap goods rather than buying new ones. Therefore, if you want to stop buying new things and spending money, you can always swap the ones you already have and this will benefit you a lot.

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    Start spending your special days without spending anything. For instance, rather than buying a new scarf or sweater for Christmas, you can always knit it yourself.

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