How to Forecast a Hurricane

A storm with an extremely violent wind is called a hurricane, which are very common in the Caribbean, where they come in shape of tropical cyclones.

In a hurricane, the force of the wind crosses 12 on the Beaufort scale, which is equal to or more than 74 mph or 64 knots. A strong hurricane possesses the ability to take thousands of lives; therefore, it is imperative for people living along the coastal lines to be able to forecast a hurricane. Forecasting at the right time can help you minimise the damage and to take precautionary measures.

Things Required:

– Computer forecasting models
– Satellite pictures


  • 1

    Use the latest computer models

    There are many computer models that can efficiently forecast hurricanes. This is a relatively accurate method of forecasting hurricanes as it involves complex equations, taking into account many factors of the storm and the concerned area. There are many computer forecasting models available and you may go for multiple models to be on the safer side.

  • 2

    Calculate the hurricane’s path

    By using a latest computer model, you should monitor the path of a hurricane and its progress. You must be able to read the accounts of different atmospheric layers.

  • 3

    Satellite pictures

    Adopt all the available methods to change the forecast model during the life of a storm. Satellite pictures of water vapour can be used for this purpose. Hurricane hunters, the aircrafts used to forecast hurricanes, can provide wind flow data as well as the radar data. You should try to find that information if possible.

  • 4

    Focus on immediate future

    It is highly recommended that your forecast should be focused on the immediate future, instead of long-term predictions. According to the experts, it is almost impossible to make accurate long range predictions about hurricanes.

  • 5

    The intensity of the hurricane

    Making effective forecasts should not be limited to the path of the storm; in fact, it should also include the projected intensity.

  • 6

    Study about hurricanes

    In order to be able to forecast about hurricanes efficiently, you must study about some of the massive hurricanes of the previous centuries. This would go a long way in helping you make accurate predictions about the path of the hurricanes as well as their intensity.

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