Smart Bed That Makes Itself After You Get Up

For every teenager’s room, OHEA Smart Bed is a must. In fact, they need it without the knowledge of their parents so that this adolescent youth can get all the credit when their room or even their bed is found tidy and made to perfection. This inventive bed is manufactured by Spanish furniture maker company, OHEA.

An automated sleeper, the OHEA Smart Bed straightens up the blanket and aligns pillows automatically after your sleep. This eventually saves time of the sleepers. They don’t have to do the routinely task of making their beds every morning.

“Making the bed after getting up is a daily chore,” the Ohea website says. “Although it might seem a minor one, it has the character of a ritual that must be carried out, so much so that many people are simply unable to leave the home without having made their bed.”

This innovative bed comes with two modes – automatic and manual. While using the automatic mode, when a person leaves the bed, mechanical arms (present on each side of the bed) rise up and grab the sheet automatically. Another panel positioned at the top of the bed pulls the two pillows up to enable the rolling bed sheet to stretch and cover the whole bed. The whole process is done in a mere 50 seconds.

The company has also included a safety feature in the bed, which will prevent the mechanism from activating when a person is sleeping. This will function in the same way even if the bed is in manual mode. Best of all, a weight sensor is located under the mattress of the bed which does not allow the bed making process from turning on. Besides, there is a remote control available for users to activate the bed making process.

However, the smart bed has just one disadvantage and that is it doesn’t allow the user to add one more blanket over the bottom sheet.

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