How to Recycle Cans for Money

Recycling is one of the hot topics these days when it comes to the environment. It contributes towards the preservation of natural resources, and cuts down on the pollution that is caused during the manufacturing of these products. It is now being encouraged that people all over the world recycle, and thus help in improving the environment.

There are certain states that offer very good rewards for anyone who recycles, as an incentive to do so. Soda cans are one of the most popular items that are frequently recycled, and these can fetch a person several cents per piece. All you need to do is know how to go about it.


  • 1

    Know the regulations

    Each state has its own laws. Some offer peanuts for recycled materials, while others are willing to pay a lot more just to encourage the habit. The endeavour is worthwhile if you live in a state where the amount paid is decent, and where it does not cost you more to get the cans to the location than what you earn in the end.

  • 2

    Locate the centers

    Once you know the regulations, try to locate the collection centers. This is an important step since you need to make sure that you drop these cans off at the right place. Do check if there is a maximum deposit limit at these centers.

  • 3

    Know the types

    Be sure to know which types of cans are accepted and check if there are any exceptions. Make sure that you follow the guidelines thoroughly, to avoid any disappointment later on.

  • 4

    Collect cans

    You should have plenty of cans sitting around in the house. Instead of throwing them away after drinking the contents, place them in a large trash bag. Collect them for some time, and then take them all to the collection center at the same time. If you are suffering from financial troubles, you can collect cans on sites where people generally leave them, such as beaches and other recreational spots.

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    Know the details

    Make sure that you know exactly how many cans are taking for recycling - count them if you must. Doing so will allow you to know exactly how much you should earn from the trip to the collection center.

  • 6

    Drop them off

    Once all the details have been worked out, take the cans to the drop off center, and get them into the system. At this point, you will either be paid, or will be given a receipt which you can later give to the related department to get your money.

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