How to Decorate Your Mantel

The fireplace in a house is where most families spend their leisure time in. The mantel above the fireplace holds a lot of significance as it is in the centre of the living room where visitors are usually entertained. On entering a house, the fireplace is the first place that catches the attention. In order to give the living room a feel according to your taste, you will have to emphasize on the mantel.


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    People who live in colder climates tend to spend most of their time in a day near the fireplace. Such people usually have an LCD over the mantel. The size of the LCD can vary as per your choice as there is plenty of room on the mantel to accommodate larger sizes of televisions.

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    Family pictures or a portrait of a renowned ancestor can also be placed on the mantel which gives a traditional vibe to the living room.

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    Flowers can be placed on the mantle to add colour to the room. You can go green by placing a vine of money plant that creeps on the wall. There are no limitations to your ideas. You can also place plant pots around the mantel.

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    Antique furniture is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to have a taste of antiques in order to appreciate it. If have that ability, use it with the living room mantel as your centre piece.

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    Avid book readers can place their books on the mantle. On a cold winter night you can read your book sitting beside the fireplace.

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    Different decoration pieces can be placed on the mantel. If for instance you visited some tourist destination and have purchased some ornaments that appealed to you, then in that case you can place such decorative items on the mantle.

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    You can place your trophies to glorify your achievements. For the high achievers out there, you can get your medals framed and can place your trophies on the mantel.

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    The mantel is the centre of every room, so be careful before decorating it. Your furniture should match with the mantel so that it does not look odd. Things that are closer to your heart can be placed on the mantel, for example, letters from a dear friend or a present from a loved one.

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    If proper lighting is installed on the mantel, it gives the room a personality. You can use dim lighting to give a comfortable feel to the room.

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