How to Recognize The Essence of Life

The essence of life is a relative term and is most likely to be different for every human being, according to his or her own preferences. Some people mistakenly believe that the true essence of life is hidden in wealth and other materialistic desires; however, this is not true because sooner or later, most people do realise that happiness and satisfaction cannot be brought through money.

Some philosophers believe that self actualization is the essence of life; whereas, there are others who are of the opinion that good health and happiness is the true essence of life.


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    Increase your hunger for knowledge

    In order to recognise the essence of life, you must create an urge deep within to gain more and more knowledge. That knowledge should not be based on academics only; you should read books about history, philosophy and psychology etc. Try to read autobiographies of great people as they will teach you some outstanding lessons about the true essence of life.

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    Spend time with people of wisdom

    One of the finest and most effective ways of understanding the true essence of life is to stay in the company learned people. Choose your friends wisely; otherwise, they will make you a materialistic person. If there is a good writer or an artist living in your locality, you should look to develop a friendly relationship with that person and always listen to what he or she has to say.

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    Travelling is another extremely effective way of recognising the essence of life. By witnessing different cultures and meeting people of various backgrounds, races, ethnicities and religion, you will broaden your horizon and will know the value of happiness.

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    Strengthen your faith in God

    No matter what religion you belong to, you must strengthen your connection with God as ultimate peace of mind and the essence of life is hidden in worshipping your creator.

    Have faith in the fact that everything in this universe is the will of God and nobody can harm or benefit you without the will of God. A strong faith will help you overcome fears in life and you would be able to recognise the true essence of life.

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