How to Maintain Your Rental History

Your rental history is important to you in the future for many reasons. For example, you can need a reference from one of your previous landlords in case you are asked for it at the time you seek a new property on rent. You can build and maintain your rental history in many ways, not just by storing the contact details of your previous landlords, your neighbours or the renting agencies but also by keeping in a regular contact with them. Maintaining good terms with your previous landlords can help you the way your credit history helps you in access of quality financial services from your bank.


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    Maintaining Payment Record

    One way to maintain your rental history is to keep record of all the rental payments. You can present these details at the time of seeking a new property on rent. This is also a good home address reference for many reasons, which you have to prove again and again.

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    Keeping Other Records

    One way to prove that you have lived in a property is to show the record. For example bank statements, phone bills and other communications that you have been receiving at the address regularly while living. You can also prove that you have lived at the property for a certain period of time and all these communication documents can support and verify your claim.

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    Listing Down Names, Details

    You can also build a rental record by listing name and address details of each property in your diary. It is possible for you to forget names of some of the properties that you have rented in and can remember them quickly by looking in the listing record. Then you can find other documents, such as bank statements to support your claim. This is one of the most systematic ways to document your rental history.

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    Maintain Landlord Details

    You can also maintain a list containing names, address and contact details of each of your previous landlords, and contact them personally if you need reference of any of them. It is better you should remain in contact with them on a regular basis.

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    Contract/Lease Document

    The most authentic document of a rental property is the contract or lease document, and a copy of each one of them should be maintained by you in your record. This is authentic record that can support your claim of living at a property on rent during a particular period of time. This is the most wanted document in legal matters, particularly, and you should get one copy of the rental contract from your landlord each time you move in.

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    Neighbours' Contacts

    You may sometimes need more evidence to prove that you have lived in a property during a certain period of time than simple contractual documents and other record. Your neighbours can become a witness to support your claim of a rental property and you should maintain a good relationship with them while living in a property and maintain their contact details after you have moved out.

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