How to Do a Rental Walk Through

A rental walk through is very important before leasing or renting an apartment. Having the landlord present while you walk around the apartment is the best way to avoid any unnecessary issues later. While doing a rental walk through, highlight anything that might be damaged or not functioning properly due to the previous tenants. The landlord will help identify any issues prior to you moving in so that you do not have to pay for repairs or get blamed for the damage after leaving the apartment. Doing a rental walk through does not take long and is simple to do.


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    Contact the landlord:

    Make sure that you contact the landlord of the apartment or property that you intend to rent and ask him or her to spare some time for you. Once you agree on a time, make sure that you meet with the landlord and start your rental walk through.

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    Remember to take your time:

    While doing your rental walk through always take your time. Do not rush through it as you might regret it if you miss something early on. Also, try not to be under any pressure by the landlord. Keep your eyes open for anything that you think is damaged or not working properly.

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    Check inside and outside:

    Before entering you can also do a quick walk around the property and check the front door, any gardening or lights that might be present. Be sure to highlight any damage that you might find to the landlord.

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    Check floors and walls:

    Always check the floors in terms of carpet and tiles as you should also inspect the walls for any type of damage. Look for any nasty stains or dents in the wall that you can highlight to the landlord to get fixed before you move in. Remember to also check the floors for any possible water damage or broken tiles or floor boards. Also, check the paint on the walls for any damage or spots.

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    Check plumbing:

    Turn on the faucets and check to make sure that the water is draining properly. Also, make sure that the water is not leaking from any pipes in the shower or sink. Remember to flush the toilet to make sure it is also working properly and draining effectively.

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    Check lights:

    Be sure to turn the lights on and off in different parts of the apartment. This will give you a good idea if all of the switches and plugs are working properly.

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    Check appliances:

    Make sure you check the oven, refrigerator and any other appliance that is already installed in the apartment that you want to rent.

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