How to Be a Good Host for Overnight Guests

Playing host to overnight guests can be both a delightful and exhausting experience. Staying overnight gives you and your guests more time to interact and enjoy. At the same it can be a bit hard for you to stretch in extra people in the daily. A good host manages to keep the guest satisfied and happy with paralyzing the normal activities of the house. Overnight guests need a place to sleep, food (mostly dinner and breakfast), washroom use and of course your attention. Our step by step guide has some suggestions as to how provide all these to be termed as a good host.


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    A private place to sleep:

    If you have a guest room, clean it up before the arrival of the guest. Spread fresh sheets on the bed. Restock the toiletries including toilet paper, towels etc. However, if you do not have a separate guest room, you can arrange to lay a mattress on a secluded corner of the house where there is less intrusion. Do not go out of the way to accommodate a guest inside your own bedroom because he/she might feel embarrassed for causing you discomfort.  You should keep an extra mattress and pillows on hand if you are expecting overnight guests.

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    Personal belonging:

    Show the guests a safe place to store their personal belongings. This can be a cupboard or a drawer and give them a key to use while they are there. Make sure that the kids stay away from the personal belongings of the guests. It also depends on the level of informality you enjoy with the guests.

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    Wash and sweep the washroom before the guests arrive, stock it in with fresh towels, soap and other essentials for the guests. There is no problem in sharing the washroom as long as you make sure that the toiletries are not shared so that there are no hygiene concerns by your guests.

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    Cook for them:

    One important aspect of playing host is the food. You should ideally cook something special for your guests. If he/she is new to the country, make him/her something local which is unique to him/her. If you know his/her favourites, try fitting them into the menu. Nothing is more welcoming than a meal shared together in good mood.

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    Give the guests time:

    The guests come to enjoy your company. All other things are to support this main aim. Spend as much time with them as possible because there will be no difference between your house and a hotel if you are not giving your guests time.

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