How to Build a Fire Without Matches

Imagine you are stuck somewhere in a forest and don’t have many resources to survive. In such a situation, you should not give up and look for survival methods. First of all, you will have to determine what you require and then take necessary actions.

One of the most important things, which you will need, is fire. If it is cold, you will be unable to last even a single night under the skies. So, you should look for a shelter and light fire. With the help of it, you will be able to cook food for yourself, keep dangerous animals away and boil water in order to purify it.

There are numerous other situations, where you might need to light fire without a matches, but make sure you have a few alternatives.

Things Required

– Rawhide or Leather Cord
– Kindling
– Thick Dry Stick
– Magnifying Glass or A Lens
– Stick
– Curved Sticks
– Stone
– Fine Steel Wool
– 9 Volt Battery


  • 1

    Make fire with steel wool

    Take steel wool and connect it to a nine volt battery, which will conduct electricity exactly in a similar way, as it does in case of the filament in a light bulb. However, the steel wool become extremely hot, so make sure you stay safe from burns.

    Since the steel wool will be quite hot, you need to feed it with some dry leaves or paper in order to start the fire. Once you see flames of fire, start feeding more dry things such as sticks and tree branches, so that you can get higher flames. However, you need to be extremely careful while increasing the flame, as you might end up injuring yourself.

  • 2

    Make fire with lens

    If you have been exploring the wild, you must have a magnifying glass with you. It will not only help you getting a closer look at things, you can also start fire with it. All you have to do is gather some dry things such as leaves, grass, tree branches etc. Use the lens of the magnifying glass to focus the sun’s heat on the dry leaves and be patient. You will see a flame of fire lighting up pretty soon. You can then increase the flame by adding more things to the fire. However, this process can only be done at day time.

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