Difference Between Suicide and Euthanasia

Suicide is the act of killing oneself, while euthanasia is considered mercy killing, where a person’s life is ended to relieve him/her of suffering and misery. Suicide is widely discouraged and is seen as a consequence of depression or hopelessness. The act of killing oneself is not only considered ethically wrong, but is in fact condemned in many religions. Euthanasia on the other hand, is often seen as a method to relieve a person from suffering. It is usually practiced in cases of  severely painful, or terminal illnesses, where the patient has no hope of living a normal life again and would rather have his/her life taken. While Euthanasia also has a lot of moral and ethical considerations attached to it, they are not as severe as they are in cases of suicide.

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    Life is not a bed of roses and we all have our individual demons to face on a daily basis. However, some circumstances are beyond our control, making us feel helpless. This particular situation can cause depression and anxiety among individuals which results in negative and unproductive thinking. Depression has become a well known mental illness all over the world and billions of people suffer from it. These people need constant psychotic treatment in order to come out of their condition.

    However, sometimes these low feelings are too much to handle and convince the patient that the only way to get out of all the troubles is by ending his or her life. This is one act which is considered as a major sin in most religions; still many people prefer to find escape from their worldly problems by ending their lives.

    Depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism, or drug abuse can all lead one to commit suicide. A person who is considered as a potential suicide risk should be monitored 24/7 by someone and kept away from sharp instruments.

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    In Euthanasia, an individual suffering pain due to an accident or a fatal illness prefers to end his or her life instead of living in agony.

    Also referred to as “mercy killing”, it is still a very controversial act and banned in most parts of the civilized world. The argument here is that no one should be allowed to end a life. However, some argue that if a person cannot be cured and refuses to live in pain for the rest of his or her natural life then they have the right to choose their fate.

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