How to Calculate Percentages

If you are only planning to learn a single type of calculation, then percentages are extremely important. Such calculations are used in restaurants while you are tipping the waiter; they are also used in figuring out the sales price. In fact, it is safe to say that you are going to come across percentages in almost every single day of your life. They are extremely important. In case you believe you are weak in mathematics then finding out percentages is one way to at least know a few methods of going about things. You just need to concentrate on a few key steps and you are good to go. Following steps will serve as a guide for you to learn percentages effectively.


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    In order to start off, you must first figure out a percentage of any number. In order to do that, take a random number and divide it by 100. Once you have done so, multiply the answer with the amount of percentage you want to know. A simple example can be: You want to figure out the 18% mark on the number 85, then all you need to do is; you have to divide 85 by 100. Once you have done it then multiply the answer by 18. The final answer will be 15.30. This was a simple percentage calculation in statements. Once you will do it on a calculator, or even in numbers, it will be far easier than what it looks like.

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    The second basic concept which you need to learn is how to find out whether what percentage a certain number is for another number. It sounds confusing but you can learn more about it in the following example. For instance, you want to know that the total number is 3500 and you want to know what the percentage is if the number is 1400. You simply need to divide 1400 by 3500 and then multiply the answer with 100. The final answer is 40. This means that 1400 is 40% of 3500. Basically you are multiplying that figure by 40 and then dividing it with the total.

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    This may also come in handy if you want to find out about the sale price of a certain discounted item. This is quite easy to figure out. In case there is a 25% discount on anything and you would like to know what the original price of the product was, then it is quite simple to calculate. If the item is currently placed at $100.05 and it is discounted by 25%, you simply have to find the answer of 125% of $100.05. This will give you the actual figure.

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