Difference between Journal and Article

Man has invented plenty of methods of communication. In ancient times, people used paintings to tell the stories. But with time when an individual started interacting with others, he/she turned to writing. A written form of communication allows the man to keep reliable record of information.

Technology has changed almost everything. But the written communication is still one of the prime methods of interaction. Writing is being used in multiple ways now, such as entertainment novels, fairytales, essays, features, textbooks, and articles.

Article and Journal are two different ways of communication. An article is generally considered to be a nonfiction piece of writing which is usually published in print or electronic medium.

A journal, on the other hand, is a record of daily events. It could also be a part of the newspaper. One can also find journals in other publications, such as magazines and scholarly journals.

There are plenty of differences between journal and article. Usually, a specific amount of money is paid to the writer of the article by the publication company. Journals are mostly available for free. The author or owner of the journey gives this record of events to the magazines for free, or publishes it on a website. An article is not essentially a piece of writing. It can be found in audio form as well. Journals, on the contrary, cannot be produced in audio form.


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    The word ‘article’ is derived from a Latin word “articulus”. The Latin term actually refers to a small joint. The term ‘article’ is also a part of the ancient French language. In old French, it means “separate parts of anything written.” The world started using this term widely in 1712. An article is composed of many elements, such as Headline, Byline, Lead, Body, and Conclusion. It is important for a journalist to add all these elements to an article. One can even add an interview to the body of the article.

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    The term ‘journal’ also comes from the Latin word, “diurnalis”. The literal meanings of this Latin word are ‘daily’. French were the first ones to use this term after the Latins. The word reaches English language through the French word “jurnal” which means ‘a day’. So in every language, the word refers to a record of daily events. It was first used back in mid-16th century.

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