Difference between Gospel and Bible

There are different religions in the world and they have different books to explain the code of life, its meaning, importance, how to solve issues and life after death etc. Both books give a message and are followed by Christians and Jews around the world. Bible is the leading religious book of the Christians around the world. They believe it is the leading light and the straight path of the millions of Christians. The book has had different versions over time but it is said that the essence remains the same. Another book is by the name of Gospel and some get confused as the term Gospel means good news. The faithful followers of the Bible find it difficult to choose which to follow. These two are different books and the differences are highlighted below.

Just as the Quran is for Muslims and Hindus follow Gita, so is Bible for the Christians. The book is said to contain both the old and new testament. It has different texts about various topics which are of scared value to the Christians as well as the Jews. Bible can be said to be a big book which contains sixty six books inside it. It has been written by many authors over the years, that is why some of the text has kept changing. It has been in existence for around 1600 years. Bible is the message to the human being from God. It contains the story of the life of Jesus, his sacrifice, his actions, his way of life and how he suffered for the mankind. These are stories that weren’t written at the time they took place. They were handed over generations and then finally recorded. Because of this many authors have their own versions of the story and there are some differences between them.

The gospel is also said to be the message of God. The bible contains four different books inside it with the name of Gospel. Each shares the incident of the sacrifice of Jesus. It is said that the word Gospel is found in the New Testament seventy five times. Many people think that the Gospel is the cornerstone of Bible. Those authors who have written and composed the four Gospels are evangelists.


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    Christians believe that Bible is the word of God, it is their guiding book.

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    The word Gospel is mentioned in the Bible numerous times. The word means good news.

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