What is a Work Order Management System

Work Order Management System is an official automated web-based application from a technological innovation service-based company that handle the work order life-cycle from end to end such as Price Evaluation, Time Piece, Assistance Access, Purchase Order and Billing services. It is a web-based program that provides end-to-end work order control through centralised information used across companies, departments, divisions, and different places within a company. Furthermore, it helps the Venture Adviser stay up to date with work order demands and requests. Technicians and Engineers reporting job completion, managers submitting reports and accounts departments preparing the invoices are some of the tasks performed efficiently using the Work Order Management System.


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    Interaction through Work Order Management System for process orders is very effective for large organisations. Work Order Management Systems encourage computerised work order systems depending on formulae resulting from company’s standard operating procedure decided by the directors and Chief Executive Officer of an organisation. Factors in these formulae contain project cost and investments and the cost associated to successful completion of the project. With formulae in place, organisers focus on only the variables and thus increase precision and reduce the reaction time needed.

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    By utilising mathematical and integration equations and formulas, Work Order Management System is able to work with current business systems and databases such as SAP (ERP), Web Services, RMI, IDOC, CVS and any flat data structure. This will allow further automated by allowing Work Order Management System to use current information like purchase orders and other business costs.

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    Functions and features of a Work Order Management System include the Work Order Registry, Automated Work Estimation, Purchase Order Registry, Service Access Registry, Invoicing Details and Estimate Design Setup. Furthermore, with technology improving with each passing day in this sector, it has become possible to take full advantage of functions such as the Reference Data Module, Report handling, automated estimation, investment recovery and time needed to achieve reasonable return on investment.

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    There are a lot of benefits attached to using Work Order Management System for both large and small scale organisations. Some of the key benefits of using WOMS are listed below.

    - Efficient data source entry for handling perform orders
    - Automated perform buy reviews calculations
    - System uses Web Technology allowing access from anywhere, anytime
    - Built in control features for work-flow process removing overlooked
    - Reduce handling time
    - Easy to use and configurable to evolve to your company rules

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