Difference Between Switch and Hub

You can use a variety of equipment in order to set up a network. A router, bridge, switch or hub is most often used while dealing with a network.

In the age of Internet and information technologies, switches are increasingly being used. These are special devices that send packets of documents to all network addresses at a time.

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Hub, on the other hand, is used to expand the local network or combine multiple subnets. To avoid problems in the operation of the new network, you need to correctly configure and connect the equipment.


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    Purchase a selected device and provide the connection to AC power. Purchase the right amount of network cables. With their help, reconnect the LAN (Ethernet) switch network adapters to your computers. It is better to use a switch, which has the function of learning. This will greatly facilitate the setting. Now adjust the settings for network adapters connected by the computers. In this case it is better to use a fixed IP address for all network cards. Access the Network and Sharing on any computer. Go to "Change adapter settings". Right-click and select the desired local area network (if you are using more than one network). Select "Properties". Now, open the settings of TCP / IP. Click on the item "Use the following IP-address". Enter the value of a static IP-address for your customized card. The remaining items can be left unchanged, unless you plan to include in your network server or router. Save the setting in this menu by pressing the "OK" button. Similarly, configure the network adapters of other computers. It is better to use the IP-address, which will be located on the same subnet. Switches do not just memorize all the current addresses of workstations and devices, but also carry traffic filtering for a given purpose. At the right moment they open the port and perform packet forwarding designated recipients.

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    It is better to choose a network hub, in which the number of LAN-ports will be more than currently required. Purchase a suitable device and set it to the desired location. Note that it is necessary to connect the network cables, and possibly, the unit will become hot during operation. Connect the hub to main system and switch it on. Try to connect a network cable from the equipment in a local network. Do not install the hub too far from the main cluster of computers. This will increase your cost of network cables and reduce the speed of the network.

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