Difference Between Buddhism and Hinduism Beliefs

Many people believe that Buddhism and Hinduism is one and the same religion. There is a common perception that both religions are the same with only different names. However, that is not true and there are many major differences in the beliefs of the two religions. There are differences on when the religions are founded, on the concept of rebirth, on the testaments of the two religions, on the stages of life and on which gods the two believe. The basic difference is that Buddhists believe in Buddha who was a person whereas Hindus have belief in many different gods.


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    Buddhism was originated by Buddha and Buddhists believe in no other God but him. Buddhism considers the concept of Atman or rebirth as a concept of ignorance. They do not have a Holy book unlike the Muslims, Hindus and Christians who believe in Quran, Gita and Bible respectively.

    Buddhists have a concept that any person can participate in the religion and the level of spirituality cannot be judged on a particular age. They say that age does not matter and that every individual can be a part of religion at any age if he or she tries to take the righteous path.

    Buddhists do not believe that any god is superior or equal to Buddha in any regard. They relegate the existence of other gods to smaller roles which are not as important as Buddha.

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    Hinduism was not originated by one particular person and there are many gods in which Hindus believe. They also believe in the concept of ‘Atman’ which is related to the primordial soul when a person dies and have a firm belief that people stay alive even after they die in the form of an Atman.

    Hindus believe in the Vedic texts and say that there are exactly four stages of life. They claim that each stage consists of 25 years and every stage has a different role to play in a person’s life. Hinduism believes in other Gods and the worshippers accept the likes of Buddha as an avatar to one of their gods, Vishnu.

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