Difference between Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Clinical and counseling psychology are two very popular disciplines in applied psychology. These two fields are separate from each other as many think that both are the same name of the larger field which deals with people who suffer from various mental illnesses. Most people hear the word psychology and automatically assume that this deals specifically with serious mental illness. However, both clinical and counseling psychology are two very different approaches and the ways in which they are applied are unique. Both types of psychology have very different methods or techniques for planning and maintaining treatment. Clinical psychology deals with specific aspects of psychology while counseling psychology takes about a broader approach and is applied overall throughout the community.

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    Problems like work place issues, relationships, teenage challenges and anger management come under counseling psychology while problems like mental illnesses, addictions and health risk behaviors fall under clinical counseling.

    Clinical psychology

    The specific detailed aspect of psychology is called clinical psychology. This version of psychology talks about various forms of mental illness. Not only is this field of study about individual behaviour but clinical psychology treats issues like addiction, mental health risks and of course mental illness. With the advancement of clinical psychology, many chronic diseases are now treatable. People who suffer from schizophrenia and manic disorders always require treatment. Clinical psychology has created various treatments for these types of patients which can be quite effective. Many treatments are considered very useful in clinical psychology but still they should be performed by a licensed doctor. The clinical psychologist mainly does in-house work in places like hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centres. This field of study goes hand in hand with medicine as patients are looked after, diagnosed and given various treatment plans that are suitable. Both fields conduct research to discover new treatments for different types of patients as doctors use various aspects of neuropsychology to gain considerable insight in to their psychology.

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    Counseling psychology

    Counseling psychology takes a broad approach and is applied to various issues overall. This type of psychology is related with a wide range of issues which the community suffers as a whole. Issues like relationships, teenage challenges, work place matters and different types of anger management are treated through counseling psychology. You can find counseling psychology in many areas like schools, communities and different government agencies. The counseling psychologist treats people with different therapies like discussion, talks and different low dose sedatives.

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