Difference between Ewe and Sheep

Ewe and sheep belong to kingdom “Animalia.” They play a vital role in milk, meat and wool production. Majority of people think that ewe and sheep are two names for one animal. But, there are some essential facts about these animals, particularly when you look at how these are raised. Differentiating between sheep and ewe is not difficult at all as it would be equivalent to the difference between a human being and a mature woman.

Sheep is a specie of animals, whereas ewe is a full-grown female sheep. In simple words, ewe is always a female member, while sheep refers generally to males.

Ewes are productive for meat and dairy manufacturing. Sheep, on the other hand, are useful in wool production in addition to meat and dairy.

Feminine expressions are spotted in female sheep (ewes) due to female hormones, but not in sheep (male).

Ewe is the most important matching partner of sheep in milk production.


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    Ewe is a mature female sheep. Generally, ewes are raised for easy access to milk and meat. Moreover, they play a vital role in reproduction process. They are an excellent choice for the small family farm. Typically, female sheep do not develop horns. The most desired reproductive system in ewes includes uterus, ovaries, vagina, vulva etc.  Even though, all ewes resemble each other as there is no main difference in their overall look but a skilled shepherd could distinguish an ewe from her feminine facial expressions.

    - Image Courtesy: lazywillowfarm.wordpress.com

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    Sheep is one among the very productive livestock animals for human beings. They are quadruped (with four limbs or legs) and ruminant (digests plant-based food) mammals.  It is one among the first animals domesticated and could live up to 10 to 12 years. New Zealand, Australia and the British Isles have been the main producers of sheep in the world. Sheep’s hide is quite wooly and requires regular combing or yearly shearing. Besides milk and meat, wool is the main product of sheep as there is a high demand for this material to be used in the clothing industry as an insulator. They naturally have a hanging long tail but it is usually tied up due to sanitary and health issues.  These human-friendly mammals have tear glands under their eyes and scent glands between the toes. You might not know but sheep are one among the genius animals. Their sharp memory possesses the ability to remember approximately 50 humans and individual sheep for many years. Approximately 40 breeds of sheep are found in the United States of America and about 900 breeds are famous worldwide.

    - Image Courtesy: thecontraryfarmer.wordpress.com

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