Difference between Homecoming and Prom

Homecoming and prom are two of the most important high school events. All the students take an active part in both the events and participate in different kinds of competitions. Although, both the events are included in the high-school traditions, but there is a considerable difference between them. Homecoming is an occasion on which the school (teachers and students) welcome back the alumni. On the other hand, prom is an event which is usually held at the end of the final year in high school at which the boys and girls dance with each other.


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    It is a convention in which a school invites or welcome back the alumni. It is mostly celebrated in the schools, colleges and universities of the United States of America. However, in the past few years, it has been celebrated in many countries around the world. All the students along with the alumni are invited together to spend some quality time together. Moreover, different activities related to sports, culture and parade are performed to amuse the crowd in the event.

    The tradition started back in the mid-1800s when different alumni football games were held at several colleges and other educational institutions in the USA. Many different activities are performed during the homecoming. The most common activities may include parades, dances, rallies, tailgate, dress-ups, and picnics.

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    It is a dance gathering of high-school students which is held near the end of the last year. All the boys and girls get dressed-up in formally and dance on different kinds of music throughout the evening. It is considered as one of the most important part of the high-school culture in the United States of America. The students make preparation for the prom night throughout the year. Moreover, the boys and girls seek out their dance partners for the prom. In addition, many small competitions are held on the prom and gifts are awarded to the winners. The most common events include the competition of ‘Prom King’ and ‘Prom queen’. However, other events may also be included on the discretion of the school administration. The teachers can also participate in the prom night events. But, mostly the teachers act as judges of the competitions.

    In some countries like Britain, Australia and Canada, proms are even celebrated at the end of the secondary and middle school.

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