Difference Between Snakebite and Spiderbite Piercing

While these might sound a little gruesome and frightening, snakebite and spiderbite piercings are simply two types of lip piercings, which get their names from the fact that they are spaced and positioned like the bite marks that are left on people who have been bitten by a snake or a spider.

When they were first introduced, these lip piercings were considered extreme, and they are still banned in many institutions and workplaces. However, lip piercings have become popular of late, and are now fairly common, with countless individuals using them to assert their beliefs and personalities.

While both are types of lip piercings, the main difference between the two is that snakebite piercings are placed far apart from each other, while spiderbite piercings are positioned closer together. Spiderbite piercings are generally located on one side of the lower lip, while snakebite piercings occupy two sides of the lip. Consequently, the jewellery used for spiderbite piercings is small, as two large pieces of jewellery would appear bulky and out of proportion when placed close together, while snakebite piercings can be done with both large and small pieces of jewellery.


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    Snakebite Piercing

    This piercing is done on each side of the lower lip. It gets its name from the fact that the piercing gives the impression that you have been bitten by a snake on your lower lip. Since snake fangs are separated from each other by a wide distance, there exists a gap of considerable proportions in between the puncture wounds from snake bite marks - this distance is imitated in this piercing. Ball closure rings and labrets are the number one choice for these types of piercings.

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    Spiderbite Piercing

    This is a pair of piercings which is made on one side of the lower lip, without much distance between the two holes - this mirrors a spider bite, as spider fangs are located close together owing to the small size of spiders. In order to make the spiderbite piercing look more realistic, the jewellery is positioned close together, so that it looks like a spiderbite. The jewellery used for this type of piercing should be small in size, so that it doesn’t look odd on the lip.

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