Difference between Lutheran and Anglican

The words Lutheran and Anglican are used for entities or individuals that follow two of the most common Christian denominations – Lutheranism and Anglicanism.

There are several differences between Lutheran and Anglican as both groups follow their distinct guidelines and rules. Although both believe in the basic tenets of Christianity such as the Holy Spirit, Lutherans and Anglicans are at odds with each other over many less controversial issues.

Lutheranism was first introduced by Martin Luther and its message was disseminated widely across Europe and parts of America. On the other hand, Anglicanism was established by King Henry, who brought several churches under the control of the Church of England.

Anglicanism follows a distinct church structure and people belonging to it believe in different worship practices from that of Lutheranism.


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    The word Lutheran can be used for any person or an entity (church, organization) that adheres to Lutheranism - a form of Christianity founded by Martin Luther.

    Martin Luther was a reformer from Germany and an avid follower of religion. Luther disseminated the teachings and messages of Roman Catholic Church widely and gained popularity among Christians in countries like Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

    Luther sought to reform the theology and his work and dedication helped him introduce Protestant Reformation.

    Due to the efforts of Martin Luther, the protestant communities and churches soon adopted the word Lutheranism for their worship practices and theology. Lutheranism believes in both Nicene Creed and Apostle’s Creed. The sect however went further with its ideology and soon adopted Athanisian Creed, Formula of Concord and Augsburg Confession as well.

    Protestants often call Lutheranism the common property of Protestant Reformation, which is why Martin Luther’s work has been made part of regular teachings in protestant churches.

    According to the history of Lutheranism, Martin Luther had been spreading the messages of Catholic Church, but when he thought the Church was not representing Christianity in true spirit as taught by Jesus and his disciples, he split up and started preaching people about a reformed theology. This reformed theology then morphed into Lutheranism.

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    Anglican can be used to describe any church or a person who adheres to the messages and beliefs of Anglicanism. Anglicanism is one of the most common Christian sects, which believes in the superiority of the Church of England, that keeps  control on hundreds of churches across Europe.

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