Difference between Rocket and Missile

The words Rocket and missile are usually confused with each other and used interchangeably. Due to the media and wars in the world, both the terminologies—rocket and missile—have gained popularity and you will hear people use them frequently without using them properly. Despite this, both are different in meaning and they function differently when it comes to their use.

Rocket is anything that uses propulsion, releasing powerful gases in order to fly in the opposite direction. The most common example of rocket is an RPG (rocket propelled grenade). RPG is a weapon that uses a rocket to propel a grenade towards its target.

On the other hand, a missile can be anything thrown toward its target. This is a bit tricky as every missile uses rocket propulsion to move towards its target. Simply put, all missiles are weapons, but not every rocket is weapon. Rocket can be used in several fields. The most common use of rockets is space mission, as they have the capability to move with propulsion.


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    A rocket is a machine a large mechanical device that moves with reaction propulsion (rocket engine), which (for example oxidizer) during operation is independent of external fuel supply and therefore can also accelerate in the vacuum.

    All rockets are not as a military weapon, as they can be used for missions in the aerospace.

    Rockets, which have a solid self-control are also called moving targets. Although not every rocket is used as weapon, but almost all of them have a set target or destination.

    There are several types of rockets and they have their own functionality and usage. For example a self-launching rocket typically uses a chemical rocket engine. The use of rockets differ according to the conditions.

    The term rocket is not limited to operating principles that are typically based on the combustion of fuels. In some rockets (which have a small range), use water as a support. The water used in it is discharged with the help of compressed air to the rear part of the rocket.

    Some of the most common types of rockets include water rockets, balloon rockets, small solid rockets and skyrockets. Space rockets are usually used for Apollo program. Aircraft is also one of the types of rocket as it uses thrust of a rocket engine to move.

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    Missile is a self-propelled weapon used for hitting a target. Missile consists of 4 components, which are target, engine, warhead and flight system.

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