Difference between Smoothie and Milkshake

Smoothie and Milkshake are almost the same type of thing but slight differences between them make them separate things. These days, the trend of drinks has fast taken over the world of market food and milkshakes have become very common indeed. The people more and more like to take in things that are very useful for the health of their body and they have started to take more care of it as the diseases have taken over the people.

These days, heart diseases and other diseases have become very common due to the use of various food products that are not very good for the health of the people. The people also have started to take in more and more food from the markets and this food is actually not very good for the health of the people who are used to keep their hunger away with the use of these types of foods. Different drinks have also been introduced in the market and the common public are attracted towards them either because their names suggest that they must be very good to taste so that they promise that the energy levels of the people who drink these will rise. Smoothie and Milkshakes are traditional drinks and are very common to be consumed by the people all over the world. Many stalls have been set up in the markets everywhere which provide these fresh drinks to their customers. The two differ from each other in various manners but the difference is not so big. One of the main differences between the two is that in the Smoothie, the flavour of cream is added.  Cream has made this type of drink very healthy and thick and this is the main difference between the two.

Milkshakes are also made up from the same recipe but cream is not added to this type of drink and hence they are not so thick. All the other things are the same in the making of the drinks and people love to consume them after a stressful day. These must be served with ice so that the taste is perfect.


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    A Smoothie is made up and grinded in a grinder with fresh fruits, flavour, cream and sugar and is served with ice.

    -Image Courtesy: eatingwell.com

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    A milkshake also has the same ingredients but does not have cream in its makings. This makes it a bit thinner as compared to the Smoothie and is taken after exercises and gym.

    -Image Courtesy: eatingwell.com

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