Difference Between Goals and Objectives

Whenever there is something you want to accomplish in your life, it is important to set goals and objectives. Once you understand the difference between objectives and goals, the rest of the process becomes easy. It is vital to understand how essential it is that you have both of them when looking to perform a task. Goals must be set first, then list the objectives. Goals without objectives may not take you anywhere and it is recommended to do thorough research to define both. Although these two terms are different, they can help you to achieve what you want in life.


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    Definition of Goals and Objectives

    Goals are long-term aims that you may want to accomplish in your life.

    Objectives, on the other hand, are tangible attainments that can be carried out by following a certain set of actions

    Objectives and goals are often used interchangeably, but the real distinction comes in their application. Goals are less organised whereas the objectives are concrete.

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    Measuring Goals and Objectives

    Unfortunately, there is no recommended way in which to evaluate the achievements of your goals. You may feel that you are close, but since goals are unclear when compared to the objectives, you can never say for sure that you have for sure achieved what you wanted to achieve.

    Objectives can be calculated by monitoring the progress. Simply write down the objectives in the form of questions. For example, I want to clear the IELTS exam before the end of this year. Simply write this as a question: Did I clear the IELTS before the end of the year? If the answer to the question is yes then you have achieved your objective.

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    Examples of Goals and Objectives

    Becoming a professional football or basketball player, learning Chinese history, studying medical science to become a doctor are goals.

    Memorising the Periodic Table before the final exams, boosting the sales of a store by 10 percent before the end of the year and learning basic French language in six months time are some of the examples of objectives.