Difference Between Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse

Thoroughbred and quarter horse are two of most popular types of horse breeds. The two breeds are liked for their color, agility and broad chest, but still, there are many things that can make you prefer one over the other. Both thoroughbred and quarter horse are not classified as heavy horses as they are used for racing and riding due to their light weight.

Despite having a lot in common, thoroughbred and quarter horse have some key distinctions. Quarter Horse, which is named so due to its nimbleness and agility, is an American breed. On the other hand thoroughbred belongs to Great Britain. Thoroughbred is taller than its American counterpart, but is still regarded as a slim horse. Quarter Horse is shorter in size, but outsmarts its rival due to a refined head, well-muscled body and slim legs.


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    Quarter Horse:

    Originating from America, quarter horse is a light horse breed that has gained respect not only in the country of its origin, but it is also being bred in several European countries and Australia. Quarter horse is best known for its high speed and the ability to outperform other breeds on a race track. As the name suggests, quarter horse is best at short distance races, usually quarter mile or less.

    Quarter Horse was first bred to be less nimble, but still have enough power and stamina to work on different tasks like riding, racing, and transportation. However, the breed quickly adapted into a more refined, quick and speedy horse, outperforming other breeds on racing tracks. From then on, most owners decided to treat the horse as a racing horse, despite the fact that it was never intended to challenge rival thoroughbred.

    Quarter horse’s body is compact, which helps it make longer strides while running. The horse is usually featured at horse shows (which are not about racing and stamina) and rodeos.

    When it comes to dressage, horseball, endurance riding, reining, vaulting and tent pegging, quarter horse stands out among all the other breeds. The breed is also a preferred choice for many horse lovers in rodeo competitions such as steer wrestling, team roping and goat tying.

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    Thoroughbred is a racing horse that was first bred in England. The horse is liked for its endurance and speed, but has also gained respect as a “show horse.” Thoroughbred was first bred during 17th century in some parts of United Kingdom, but the breed soon became popular and was exported to other regions like United States, some European countries and Australia.

    Contrary to popular perception that the breed is mainly for racing, thoroughbred has also proved its mettle in dressage, fox hunting, show jumping, and polo. Since speed is not the only yard stick to gauge how good a horse is, thoroughbred stands out when it comes to endurance, and good temperament.

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