Difference Between Muslims and Arabs

Mostly Arabs and Muslims are being stereotyped or thought to be interchangeable. However, this is not the case at all. This is because Arabs are not always Muslims and Muslims are not always Arabs. Most Arabs are Muslims and this is why they are being stereotyped. On the other hand, Muslims can be from anywhere in the world and not just confined to Arab area. Arab region is the cradle of Islam, the religion of Muslims, and this is the reason these terms get intertwined.


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    A Muslim is a person who testifies that ‘there is no God besides Allah and Mohammed is the messenger, servant and prophet of Allah.’ There are many sect and schools in Islam e.g. Sunnis, Shiites, Wahabiis etc. Muslims follow the religion Islam.

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    Arabs are the people who live in the Middle East. They also speak Arabic language and have common history i.e. the Islamic Caliphates. Arabs have different ethnicity and have mixed heritage.  Remember that not all Arabs are Muslims. However, all Arabs have been ruled under Islamic government in the past.

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    All Muslims follow Islam. On the other hand, many Arabs follow Islam but few are also Christians, Jews, Baha’i, Yazidi, Zoroastrian and Druze.

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    Muslims can be from anywhere in the world. There is no particular nationality for Muslims. You can find Pakistani Muslims, Indonesian Muslims, Libyan Muslims, Muslim Americans, Muslim Chinese or even someone living in Antarctica can be a Muslim.

    Arabs on the other hand are those people who live in Arab countries. They are nationals of Arabian countries such as Saudi Arabs, Iraqi Arabs, Syrian Arabs, Yemini Arabs and Moroccan Arabs etc.

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    Culture and Language

    Arabs follow Arabian culture and speak Arabic only. They fall under category of Afro-Asiatic. They reside in areas in Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, parts of South West Asia, North Africa and East Africa.

    Muslims on the other hand can have any culture depending on the region they are living in. Along with culture, they can speak the language of the land they occupy. Muslims living in Great Britain speak English whereas Muslims living in Pakistan speak Urdu. Likewise, Muslims living in any Arabian countries speak Arabic language.

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    Muslim refers to a word that is religion based whereas Arab refers to a word which is region based. Muslims use different languages while Arabs use same language. Muslims are from different location while Arabs are mainly from Arab region.

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