Difference Between Totalitarianism and Fascism

There are many ideologies and systems across the globe that have been followed. Two of these are fascism and totalitarianism. Other than these two ideologies, the world had been ruled by communism, capitalism and socialism. Nowadays these ideologies do not exist in their pure form and are a mixture of different systems. There are many differences between fascism and totalitarianism.

In totalitarianism, there are no limits of authority on the person who is in charge. Nobody questions the authority and the decisions of the ruling party. The common man is not given any part in decision making as their views are not taken into account. Even matters relating to the life of the masses are in the hands of one party and the country has to follow without question what is imposed upon them. The media has no freedom and it is also in the hands of the ruling party. There is propaganda in favour of the government by the media. In order to avoid any difference of opinion, the right to speech is not encouraged at all. This way they have complete control of the country or the state.

A single party is created in fascism which has all the power. The people believe that if a single leadership is powerful, the state can succeed and flourish. The system also inclines a little towards violence if and when needed as war is necessary to make a nation strong. The belief holds that powerful nations are created through violence. For this reason if anybody opposes the ruling party, violence is used. The origins of fascism date back to Italy and at a later stage, they were transferred to Germany. One of the major differences is that in fascism, the decisions are made by the ruling party, whereas in totalitarianism, the decisions are in the hand of one person that is unopposed. Totalitarianism can also be compared with dictatorship as it is almost the same. Fascism controls the people by using power if they try to oppose those in power. In totalitarianism, the media supports the ruler because it is obligated and presents a good picture to the public as they have no choice but to accept the ruler.


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    Totalitarianism refers to a system in which the whole country is being ruled by one person and a single political party.

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    Fascism is a system based on the formation of a strong nationalistic political party which controls every aspect of life.

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