Difference between Guernsey and Jersey

Guernsey and Jersey are two breeds of cattle that have different temperaments and characteristics of milk. Many of us feel that the two breeds are the same with two different names but it is certainly not the case.

Guernsey and Jersey vary in weights, the milk they produce and in colour. They can be differentiated easily by the people who have considerable knowledge of cattle breeds.

Guernsey is found in red coat with red patches on the body whereas Jersey is available in many different colours.

Both breeds are named after two British Channel islands, Guernsey and Jersey. Guernsey produce better quality milk than the Jersey breed and the milk they produce is golden in colour. On the other hand, Jersey breed also produces considerably high quality milk but the colour is not golden.

The milk that Guernsey produces constitutes of 3.7% protein and 5% butterfat whereas Jersey produce milk that has 3.9% protein and 4.8% butterfat.

One of the major differences in the two breeds is that the maintenance costs for Jersey is lower in comparison to Guernsey. This is probably the main reason why Jersey breed is more popular amongst the farmers all around the world.

There is also a difference in the weight of the two breeds. While Guernsey females are about 450 kg in weight, Jersey females range between 400-500 kg. It is the same case for bulls which range from 600-700 kg for Guernsey whereas from 550- 850 for the Jersey breed.


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    Guernsey is a cattle breed which is used for dairy purposes. This breed is known for its rich quality and golden colour of the milk it produces. The milk of Guernsey constitutes of 3.7% of protein and 5% of butterfat. The milk is considered to be of high-quality which means that there are high maintenance costs involved in keeping this breed.

    The breed is available in red coating with white patches on the body. This differentiates it from others.

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    Jersey is one of the most popular dairy breeds primarily because it requires low maintenance costs. Jersey produces high quality milk which constitutes of 3.9% of protein and 4.8% of butterfat. This type of breed is quite aggressive, meaning that they can become violent some times. Their weight and colour may vary from region to region but the fawn colour is the most popular one.

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