What Is Sucanat Made Of

Sucanat is a very minimum refined sugar product, which is still used by many people with a belief that it is healthier than refined sugar. The product is very common in some regions, for example, in the subcontinent of India and Pakistan. It can be bought in loose or packed form. Although it is not refined as much as sugar, it is not barred from consumption for any reason. The product was even more popular before the refined sugar became a part of mainstream cooking.


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    Sucanat is not as refined as sugar, although both are the sugarcane products. Also, sucanat is not used as commonly as it was used before the refined sugar became a daily need for consumption.

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    SucanatĀ is used by many people in lieu of refined sugar with a belief that it is healthier. Without commenting on this view, the use of sucanat has not been barred for any reasons i.e. health or medical.

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    Sucanat can be bought in loose from grocers or in packaging. It is easily available in the market, although price-wise it is sometimes more expensive than sugar.

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    The consumption of sucanat is limited to a few food products, and still people who use sucanat for health reasons use refined sugar in many homemade food products. Sucanat is difficult to use in some confectionery items because of different colour and content.

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    Sucanat is still manufactured locally and with use of conventional manufacturing technology, while refined sugar on the other hand is now manufactured by means of more sophisticated technology.

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    Since sucanat is less refined product, it is more grainy, unlike sugar. Sucanat colour is tanned while sugar comes in white crystals. Sucanat is not made through to any purification or refining process and stays out to be more natural sugarcane product.

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    No artificial processing is involved in manufacturing of sucanat. This is one of the reasons that sucanat is considered healthier than refined sugar.

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    Sucanat does not contain sucrose at all, unlike sugar, which is purified and the process prepares the product containing sucrose. The sugar sometimes is an entire sucrose product because of the purification process.

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